The Choice is yours!

From the first moment we meet our clients, one of the first things we will tell them is that Top Table Weddings and Events are a totally flexible company, allowing clients to choose a bespoke menu perfect for them. We obviously provide a menu pack which is a great starting point, especially for those clients who do not have any ideas and need those few suggestions. However, we also have those clients who come to us knowing exactly what they want and know we can deliver it to an excellent standard. One thing we will certainly never be though is a menu A, B or C Company. We will never tell you what you can or cannot have, however we might suggest alternatives if it would not work well for your numbers or the circumstance surrounding the event.

For those that have a fair bit of time on their side, we encourage them to come back to their venue around a year before their event date to get a good feel for what they might fancy to eat, what the weather is like, and what seasonal foods they are seeing around them in shops and restaurants. If you think about it, we all have certain foods that we associate with the different seasons. We will all have favourites for that time of year. For me, is it succulent lamb or venison sausages in Spring, come summertime the barbys start on which I always have to have fillets and scallops (yum) and salads galore including a nice bit of asparagus, followed by (of course) a good old strawberry/summer fruit and cream based dessert, Autumn brings Apple and Blackberry crumble and it being acceptable to drown myself in sticky toffee pudding every Sunday! (Mind you, I think this is acceptable any Sunday of the year right?!) We spend time in the US every year so we don’t go by without a bit of pumpkin pie too. Winter brings mulled fruit, turkey, spiced soups, brie and cranberry… Wow all this has made me feel hungry!

So basically we will start with whatever ideas you have and guide you through the selection process until you have a menu that you entirely happy and excited about! The food is one of the lasting memories you and your guests will have so let’s make it amazing!

 To discuss your catering requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us